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Leaving your money in the bank will return very small profits of under 5% per year, using our professional betting strategies, we will make you more than that.

Our professional punters bet with a bank of 100 units. A unit for some people is $100 and a unit for another person may be $500 and for some this may be $2 or $5, so to report profit correctly professionals use a unit structure as people are starting with different sized investments.

A unit represents 1% of your investment, so if you start with a $5,000 bank you would use $50 units and if you start with a $10,000 bank your unit size would be $100 and so on. Having a 100-unit bank provides a cushion to get through lean patches, if you were to bet all of your bank every day, all it takes is one bad day and you’re wiped out. A 100-unit bank allows for the ups and downs that are inherent with any investment.

How we bet:

For our horse package we bet under the following structure:

  • Premium Bet: 5 units to Win
  • Best Bet: 3 Units Win
  • E/W or Each Way Bet: 3 unit Usually split 1 Unit Win and 2 units place so if you run a place your investment will return your money back on the average place dividend and will not be a loss for the bet. A win will see an exceptional return on investment
  • Value Bet: 1 unit Usually split 30% Win and 70% place so if you run a place your investment will return your money back on the average place dividend and will not be a loss for the bet. A win will see an exceptional return on investment
  • Multi/Exotic Bet: This will be a % of a unit and will be advised to see maximum return on investment

As with every investment punting has its ups and downs, sometimes you feel untouchable and other times you feel like you’ll never back another winner again. Professional punting has many intricacies that only a handful master. Finding winners some say is the easy part, what’s the hard part then? Mental toughness and bankroll management!

Many people sign-up to a punting service expecting to get rich quick, they want to get their tips, every selection to win and set themselves up for life. This is the undoing of many who take the first step in trying to become a successful punter.

When people join our service with a mindset of using punting as a second wage or a business they will usually always succeed. Just imagine you want to double your investment each year, by regular investment standards that would be amazing. Here at Puntkings our horse and greyhound services have done this in the first 3 months of this year, to some that still seems to take too long as they want to double their money the first Saturday.

If a punter only makes 1-unit profit per day that’s 365 units profit per year, and that would be above the long-term average of any professional punter. To treat your punting like an investment you can’t look at it as a day by day proposition financially, you need to play the long game and let your investment grow. That’s why we use a 100-unit bank structure to allow for the variance that punters experience.

Our system is worked off the standard 100-unit bankroll, therefore if you want to bet $100 units which our systems results are based off, you will need a $10,000 bankroll. This 100-unit bankroll allows for the ups and down that come with punting, we will NOT win every day, but if we have our 100-unit bankroll there to support us during the losing times, we WILL get out in the positive in the long term. You MUST stick to the process to reap the long-term rewards, it can be a real grind at times, more so for us when results aren’t going our way. All the time we are putting in to form assessment and pricing, you just have to sit back, get the bets on and enjoy the ride.

I must stress during losing times DO NOT chase your losses, DO NOT let the down times affect your mindset towards the process and think going back to old ways will help, because it won’t, we’ve all been there and it only ends badly!

Anyhow enough of the negatives and back to what you can expect out of this system if followed correctly. Firstly profit, anywhere from 200-500 units profit per year, obviously every year varies but these are the figures that are achievable by sticking to the selections and staking plan.

We are continuously trying to tweak our system to increase its edge. We don’t always find value, but generally we can have anywhere from 5 to 20 plays a day.

You will receive the venue, race number, name and our staking strategy for this play, the price supplied will be readily available at the time plays are sent and that’s what our results are recorded off.

Last but not least, great customer service and support from our team at PuntKings, a great bunch of like-minded blokes that enjoy everything racing and can’t wait for you to come along for the ride. Reach out to us via email at or through our Facebook page

The PuntKings Team

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