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All information provided on is the property of Naughto Pty Ltd and PuntKings and any use or dissemination of the information provided, copying, forwarding or disclosure of the information provided is strictly prohibited. Information provided on or by Naughto Pty Ltd and PuntKings may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express permission of Naughto Pty Ltd and PuntKings.

By using PuntkKings website:, any email service (both Free or Paid) and / or its Subscription Service (in all forms) you agree that you are over 18 years of age in Australia or of legal age in the Country that you reside.

Use of Puntkings site:, as well as the information provided via its social media and email channels is at your sole risk. While all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information provided by PuntKings via its website: and its Social Media and email channels is accurate at time of print, it accepts no responsibility for actions taken because of receiving and/ or reading any information provided. Any monetary investment placed because of information provided by PuntKings via its website: and its Social Media and email channels is at the sole risk of the investor. We do not accept any liability for financial loss of any nature because of the information provided on Puntkings website.

Betting tips/ picks and advice are provided with no guarantee of profit or a success rate equal to the current advertised rate. All tips/ picks/ advice is provided for entertainment purposes only and as such, Puntkings accepts no liability, financial or otherwise.

Puntkings is not affiliated with the Sporting club, league or organisations.

Membership Subscription Service

The Membership Subscription Service provided by is available for ages 18 and over subscribers only in Australia. Any overseas laws of your local jurisdiction will also apply and as such, it is your sole responsibility to abide by those.

Access to is permitted on a temporary basis at our sole discretion. We will not be liable if for any reason our site is unavailable at any time or for any period either within or without our control. We may withdraw access to our Membership Subscription Service at any time or modify/ discontinue its service without liability to you, any other user or third party.

The Membership Subscription Service is a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly service that is charged each month automatically via our website payment gateways. The Membership Subscription Service can be cancelled at any time via email at Pro rata refunds are not given. Access to PuntKings Subscription will be removed from the time of cancellation so that we can support a decision to take a break from punting. If you would like to continue your access until the end of your current subscription period it is recommended to cancel closer to your renewal date.

The Membership Subscription Service provides selections as laid out in each subscription package 363 days per year (Good Friday and Christmas Day are excluded).

Tips/ picks are provided for Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Sporting events. There is no guarantee of which race or event will be provided for.

Multi/ Parlay style tips and exotic picks will also be provided where the Analysts feel that there are suitable selections.

Discounted memberships, Free giveaways and promotions may occur at given times during the year. Promotions may offer discounted rates to encourage new memberships, current memberships will not have discounted offers applied. See terms & conditions for individual promotions.

Access to Puntkings Facebook Groups, both free or paid, is at the admin members discretion. If any member is found to be commenting in a negative, derogatory fashion will be removed from the group/channel. No swearing or inappropriate comments will be tolerated. Criticising of Horse, Greyhound tips or the sports tipping service via Facebook will result in immediate removal from the group. Posting of tips is also not allowed in the Facebook Groups, both free and Members. Admin members reserve the right to remove comments as they see fit and also remove members from the Facebook groups if they feel that the member is not contributing to the group in a positive manner.

Any person found to be actively participating in providing Tips of either Sports or Racing in any forum or platform will have their Subscription cancelled immediately. Forums and platforms include all forms of Social Media including but not limited to Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus etc. It is a strict condition of Membership that no tips provided by Puntkings are provided by Members to any other sources.

Any person found to be forwarding, copying, screenshot forwarding or passing on tips in any manner provided by Puntkings will have their subscription cancelled immediately and access removed without refunds for time unused.

Any member found to be violating Terms & Conditions will have their Membership Subscription Service cancelled immediately and access removed without refunds for time unused.

Skipped Payments: Any monthly subscription payments that do not process via paypal and result in a Skipped Payment notice will result in removal of access to the service immediately. Access to the service will be reinstated after a new subscription is purchased. If the price of the subscription has increased since the time the customer has subscribed, they will not be entitled to the discounted previous price and will need to pay the current price at the time of resubscribing.

Discount Price: The discounted price available at the time of subscribing is available for the duration of the current subscription. If the price of the subscription reverts to full price the discount subscription will remain at the discounted price while it remains active.

By subscribing to PuntKings subscription service, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

For more information and or questions regarding these terms and Conditions please email at

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